Washing Machine Instructions

Before you use washing machine, send me an WhatsApp text message for counting purpose.

For No of WashesWhat to Send
For 1 Wash+1
For 2 Wash+2
For 3 Wash+3

Hope you got the idea.


Step 1: Put Cloths inside the TUB, add Liquid Detergent and Comfort (if req’d), and close the door.

Step 2: Switch ON the Switch

Step 3

a) Click on the “Power” button to turn ON the washing machine

b) Click on “Washing Cycles” to choose the appropriate wash cycles 

c) Now click the “START” button to start the washing cycle

That’s it. 

Now note down the time displayed on the panel and return afterward to take your clothes. 

Step 4: Once washing is done properly close the cover and switch off the machine before you leave.

Video Instruction:

Recommended Products:

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Model: SAMSUNG WA80BG4441BGTL 8kg Inverter – Flipkart | Amazon.in

Showing Errors?: Check What those Error Codes means | Image

If you are seeing Tub icon on the display, don’t panic. It’s a message to clean tub. Just let us know we will handle that. Meanwhile you use machine without any issue.

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