Bike Theft near Acharya College

Today, I spoke to one of our tenants regarding a friend’s vehicle parking-related topic…

That time, they told…  You have a camera here, so our friends park here for safety.



I strictly suggested they not park in front of the neighbour’s site.

Instead, park on our building parking side outside (Inside is only for Tenants) or elsewhere.

They understood and immediately took the vehicle.

I’m sending this email because they also shared something else with me…

That is, how their friends LOST their BIKE recently in the Acharya cottage area.

This is not the first time I’ve heard a bike loss story from Acharya college students like this…

I have a tenant who also lost a bike while staying in some other building and is now in our building.

He and his bike are safe inside our parking space.

I asked our tenant how their friend lost his bike… here is what they told me.

They were parking bike outside because their rental property doesn’t have parking space in their building, and someone stole their bike at night.

Few students take those cheap buildings where they don’t have proper parking space and park vehicles outside, and lose their hard-earned money to some thief like these….

Please don’t cheapout if you have expensive items like bikes, phones, laptops etc.,

Take a good rental property where they offer good parking space and have some kind of security.

Good property don’t get for cheaper rent.

Don’t always look for cheap and suffer like those students.

Be careful when you park your bike outside.

If you also park your bike outside due to no parking space inside your rental building, you must think again….

That’s all I wanted to share.

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