First-time students asked too many questions

Yesterday, two students came to see our property. The unit which will be available from next month onwards…

They saw our 1 bhk house when other tenants were staying inside the room. I was staying outside as always.

The students who came to see our property asked our current Tenants some questions in their language (in Malayalam). Those questions related to when they will vacate, room issues, and owner problems sort of questions.

There is nothing wrong with asking.

After finishing our current tenant’s interview, these guys started asking me 20+ questions about property, rules, problems, etc.

They were thinking sometime and ask me some questions.

I answered as they asked questions without any hesitation or any false promises.

Whatever they asked, I answered all straightforwardly. Some are Plus points, and some are negative…

After confirming once their questioning was over, I told them this was the first time some students had asked me these many questions.

That time, these students replied, ya, we learned a lot of hard lessons from our previous Landlord.

He falsely promised a lot of things that he didn’t offer.

Now I see where they are coming from.

I replied, “I don’t do such things.”

What we offer, we tell the same thing. No false promises…

These students are changing rooms because of the issues with the property/landlord.

As you might know, changing rooms is always an expensive thing. You should avoid changing rooms if you don’t want to lose money.

When searching for property, I always recommend that you take good property even if it’s a little costlier… or else later once the term is over, you may need to change rooms again.

This will again cost you because of deductions and all other things…

After asking plenty of questions, they decided to give token Advance to book the room which will be available from Next month.

Makesure you know what you are signing up for before you do.

That’s all I wanted to share.

– Arun

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