Acharya Institute of Technology Hostel Fees

A few days back, my brother and I went to our tenant’s house, an Acharya college student who joined MCA a few days back. While conversing casually with that student, I asked for details about acharya institute of Technology hostel fees just to know their fee structure. 

I know many of the new students who are planning to join Acharya College could be thinking about the Acharya College hostel fee structure. But the Acharya College official website has no details about the Hostel fees. 

So I decided to share Acharya College hostel fee structure on this blog to help new students who want to understand fee details.  

This is the information that I got from the Acharya College student. The information could be outdated or wrong, so use the information only as a reference. 

Acharya Institute of Technology Hostel Fees

This is the information I got on 01st April 2023. 

The details could be outdated depending on when you are looking at this article. So just keep that in mind.

That student told Acharya College Hostel has 2 types of Fee structures.

For 2 Students Sharing: ₹2,00,000 per year

For 3 Students Sharing: ₹1,00,000 per year

This includes Food as well.

Acharya College Hostel Video:

Here some students shared a video of the Acharya College hostel room. 

Acharya Institute of Technology College Hostel
Alternative Accommodation: 

If, for some reason, a college hostel is not something you like, then here are a few options you can try.

1) PG near Acharya College

2) Staying on 1 BHK Rental House

1) PG near Acharya College:

There are plenty of PGs near Acharya College. If you physically visit the college, you will notice many PGs surrounding Acharya College. 

You can visit all the PGs and choose one according to your preference. I also listed some PG details here; if you are interested, you can look at that list. 

PG’s is a Good choice for students looking for cheaper solution. But Not recommended for students who prefer a better lifestyle. 

2) Staying in 1 BHK Rental House near Acharya College:

Many students who prefer a better lifestyle than Hostel and PG, go with a 1 BHK rental house near acharya college. 

This could be a little costly compared to PGs prices (cheaper than the hostel price), but you get better facilities than the hostel and PGs

When it comes to the rental unit, students think, what about Food? 

For food some students prefer to cook themself, others take mess/hotels which plenty of them nearby college. It depends on the student’s preference. 

Anyway, if you are interested in a 1 BHK house near Acharya College, we have our own rental property, which is perfect for students. 

You can view our 1 BHK house for Rent near Acharya College by clicking here.

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