She doesn’t want to leave

There is a girl in our building…

She has been staying on our rental property for the past year. She recently completed her education at Acharya College.

It’s time for her to move…

But she is not giving the move-out date.

My brother has followed up with her for the past few days to know the move-out date.

After asking many times, she finally decided on the move-out date.

See what she replied yourself.

Acharya college student tenant don't want to leave house
whatsapp chat with our tenant

I still remember when she came to our house first time. Many times she requested to get a little bit of discount on the rent.

For all those requests, we said NO.

It was a little bit over her budget during joining time.

But now, she is not ready to leave the house because of the facility she is getting. 🙂

We take care of our good tenants very well.

Anyway, a few of our student tenant’s education is getting over now. We will have a few units available for rent from 24th November 2023 onwards.

If you are interested in our 1 Bhk house near Acharya College, you can contact us to know more.

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