Acharya And BM Reddy College of Pharmacy Placements

Placements are an important part of any course and students looking for a lucrative career in their chosen field always seek colleges that have a good placement record.

The Acharya and BM Reddy College of Pharmacy attracts companies from all over for placements.

The college’s talent pool gives the companies an attractive option for scouting future employees that will help them reach their business goals.

Through the years, the Acharya and BM Reddy College of Pharmacy placements have brought recruiters from all over to the college.

Companies like Abbot, MedPlus, Mylan, Indegene, Himalaya, Novartis, Merek, and Bioclinica visited the college for placements.

The college also has a placement cell that answers student queries and provides mock training to students for placement interviews.

In 2019, around 70% of students in the B.Pharma course got placed and students also got placements in various companies.

Packages vary from 45,000 per month to 15,000 per month. Students get placed in the industry as well as research labs all over the country.

The college also attracts placement queries from international companies that are looking for talented employees.

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