Acharya Institute of English and Foreign Languages

At Acharya Institute of Foreign Languages, students can learn various languages ranging from Spanish, German, French, and more. The institute also focuses on catering to the English language needs of Acharya Institute students. The institute has coaching facilities available depending on the needs of the students, and they can get basic, intermediate, or advanced language training.

The language training skills are further enhanced by providing students with writing, reading, and speaking abilities for the language chosen by the students. The institute also has an integrated language lab that offers students training through audio/visual aid, interaction sessions, peer learning, reading exercises, and more.

A Complete Learning Experience at Acharya Institute of English and Foreign Languages

If you are looking for a top-tier language learning experience, you can rely on the Acharya Institute of English and Foreign Languages. Students have reported that the curriculum for teaching languages provides students with a well-rounded approach towards learning languages.

The faculty at Acharya Institute of English and Foreign Languages is highly experienced, and they help students build a solid base for progressing in their chosen language.

Infrastructure at Acharya Institute of English and Foreign Languages

A modern infrastructure helps the students in giving complete attention to learning languages. The various methods of understanding a language help them better grasp the basic building blocks of languages.

At Acharya Institute, there are Tutorial Halls, Studios, Computer Centres, Laboratories, and outdoor facilities that provide students with an in-depth learning experience. The institute also offers a 16MBPS broadband internet facility throughout the campus so that students can learn anytime, anywhere.

Teaching Methods at Acharya Institute of English and Foreign Languages

Students can learn the language of their choice through integrated e-campus solutions. Regular brainstorming sessions give students a better grasp of the concepts of the languages on offer. There are Annual Knowledge Conclaves held to teach students through panel discussions, video conferencing, and more.

Professional seniors also counsel new students to prepare them for future career choices, interviews, group discussions, and more. Furthermore, the institute invites industry leaders who initiate students into research culture and help them develop problem-solving skills.

To learn more about the Acharya Institute of English and Foreign Languages, please browse through You can also get in touch with the institute by calling +917406644449 or sending an email at [email protected].

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