Acharya College Timings

Students looking for higher education or diploma courses often want to know about the institutes’ timings that they are interested in. At Acharya College, the timings are from 9.30 AM to 4 PM and classes can often go on till 5 PM. For most students, this would mean a complete day of studying as the college is particular about the students’ attendance.

The Acharya College Campus offers a complete learning environment to the student that also considers their extracurricular interests. Students can take part in college fests and technical workshops. The Acharya College fest called Acharya Habba is a great attraction for students from all over. The event and attractions at this college fest offer students ample entertainment and a great avenue to express themselves.

For more information about Acharya College, please visit You can also call the college administration at +917406644449 for any questions or queries.


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