Acharya Polytechnic College Code

Acharya Polytechnic is located in Soladevanahalli, Bangalore. As one of the premier polytechnic institutes offering various courses in various disciplines, this institute is the first choice of many students looking for further studies.

The institute code for the Acharya Polytechnic College is 434, and the institute offers the following programs: AN, AR, AT, CE, CP, CS, EC, EE, FT, MC, ME, MN.

A Fully-Equipped Institute of Learning

The three-year courses cover all areas of learning, from theory to the practical and much more. The Acharya Polytechnic College offers a holistic learning experience with hands-on learning and lab and workshop sessions.

There is an excellent reference library on the campus, and students can also avail themselves of e-learning through subscriptions to internet journals. Subject experts and industry figures provide their guidance to the students through an industry mentorship programme. Students at Acharya Polytechnic College can also participate in several group activities,  educational tours, and industry visits.

If you are looking for a polytechnic institute that offers an international learning experience to students, get in touch with Acharya Polytechnic management.

For more information, please browse through You can also contact the college by sending an email at [email protected] or by calling +917406644449.

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