Acharya Institute of Technology College Bus Facility

If you are looking for a college bus facility at Acharya Institute of Technology, you can easily find transportation from the college. The college operates a fleet of buses and shuttles for students. Whether it is commuting to campus or visiting any location in Bengaluru, students can make use of the campus fleet to travel.

The college bus facility in Acharya Institute of Technology is also useful when students need to visit off-campus locations for seminars and workshops.

Along with the Acharya fleet, the public transport around the college is robust and you will not have any problems in getting buses, autos, or taxis from near the college to anywhere in Bangalore.

Students and visitors can easily find regular buses to almost every location in the city. The railway station is also close to the Acharya Institute of Technology and you can also avail the metro facility to reach your destination anywhere in the city.

To find out more about how to reach the institute from different locations and which bus routes to take, you can check out this link:

How to get from Acharya Institute of Technology to Majestic

If you want to take buses from Acharya Institute of Technology to Majestic (city bus stand), you can take bus numbers 250Za / 250Y / 250Z. The prices for the buses are nominal and you can catch the buses at regular intervals from Acharya Institutes. You can check the detailed route by clicking here

Here is an image of the route:

If you are interested in seeking admission in Acharya Institute of Technology, you can get more information by browsing through You can also call +917406644449 or send an email to [email protected] with your queries.


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