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When students look for an institute where they can pursue their higher education, they always want to know about the placement cell of the institute. The Acharya Institute of Technology has a robust and professional placement cell that invites popular multinational companies and organizations from all over the region. Students that get placements through the college also earn superb packages depending on their skill sets and capabilities.

Companies That Visited Acharya Institute for Placement in 2019

In 2019, a total of 35 companies visited Acharya Institute with Infosys being the company that hired the most employees. A total of 194 students were placed in 2019 with the highest package at 21 LPA and the average package being 3 LPA. Other companies that hired students from Acharya Institutes in 2019 were HSBC, Hiver, TATA AIG, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HP, Wipro, TCS, HP, and more.

The Placement Cell at Acharya Institute

To ensure the students get proper training for appearing in interviews, the placement cell at Acharya Institute provides students with training and guidance. There are regular mock interviews and group discussions in the placement cell where students can hone their debate skills.

The placement cell also resolves any queries or questions that the students might have regarding the companies or the interview process. Through the training at the placement cell in Acharya Institutes, students can add to their technical and soft skills to land respectable packages in the interview process. More information about the placement cell is available at

Interested in learning more about Acharya Institute? You can browse through for more information. You can send your queries or questions at the email address [email protected] or call +917406644449 to talk to the administrative staff at the college.

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