Acharya Polytechnic College Bangalore Hostel Fees Details

If you plan to study at Acharya Polytechnic College Bangalore, you will need to find a hostel accommodation. While many students choose to live in paying guest accommodation, staying in the hostel comes with many advantages.

There is safety, security, and proximity to the college when you choose a hostel. You also get the unique experience of living with your batchmates and taking part in extracurricular activities.

If you are looking for Acharya Polytechnic College hostel fee details, we have all the information you will need.

There are a total of 12 residences for students (5 for boys, 7 for girls). The hostels have all the facilities for a comfortable stay, and the rooms are available with single, double, and triple occupancy.

The total capacity of the hostels is 1500 residents. Hostels provide the residents with the facilities such as internet facilities, laundry, library, 24/7 security, and much more.

Fee Structure for Acharya Polytechnic College Bangalore Hostels

There are two types of hostel accommodations available, including food and without food. The fee details for both are as follows.

Boys Hostel Fees

Hostel Type A (Including food) – 1,15,000 INR

Hostel Type B (Without food) – 91,000 INR

Girls Hostel Fees

Hostel Type A (Including food) – 1,15,000 INR

Hostel Type B (Without food) – 91,000 INR



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