Ladies PG Near Acharya Institute of Technology

For female students looking to study at Acharya Institute of Technology, Soladevanahalli, Bangalore, finding accommodation is easy. There are hostels in the Acharya Institute and several ladies PGs that offer affordable housing for female students.

The ladies PGs situated near Acharya Institute of Technology offer security, safety, and amenities to focus on their studies.

As the PGs are located close to the institute, students can walk to the college to attend their classes.

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In this article, you can find a list of the ladies PGs near Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore. You can also find the contact address and Google Map location of the ladies PGs.

If you are interested in choosing a PG for your stay, make sure you visit the area before making any payments for your stay.

Let’s take a look at the ladies PGs near Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore

4 Best Girls PG near Acharya College

1)  Vidyasiri Girls PG

This girls’ PG comes with modern facilities, and it is located a short distance from the Acharya Institute of Technology. The PG has a 3.9-star rating with 26 reviews on Google Maps.

The PG has comfortable rooms along with all the modern facilities. The owners are communicative and responsive to the needs of their guests.

The reviews mention the good quality of the food and the ease of stay for all guests. The business hours of this PG are from 8.30 AM to 6 PM.

Address: No.81, Vidyasiri Girls PG, Near Acharya college, near Post-office, Achit Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560107


Contact: +919738114576, +917019789243

Location on Google Maps:

2)  J Castle PG Services

J Castle PG services offer girl’s accommodation and a range of features and amenities that make living here a comfortable experience for all guests.

The rooms are spacious, and the PG is equipped with modern facilities like WiFi, TV, fridge, 24*7 security, CCTV cameras, laundry services, cleaning services, standby power supply, and more.

This lady’s PG has a 4.1 rating with 56 reviews.

Reviews mention the good quality food, comfortable rooms, and arrangements for the overall safety of the guests. The friendly staff listens to the feedback of guests and provides facilities to enhance their stay.

Address: Thammenahalli Village, Soladevanahalli, Karnataka 560107


Contact: +917829471111

Location on Google Maps:

3)  Acharya Shakthi 4 Girls Hostel

This girls’ hostel is located within a walking distance from the Acharya Institute of Technology. The PG has a 3.3 rating on Google Maps with 12 reviews.

Address: Maruti Mandir Road, Achit Nagar post, Soldevanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Location on Google Maps:

4) Winterfell Girls PG

This PG is located close to Acharya Institute of Technology, and it takes a two-minute walk to reach the college gate. The PG has a 3.7-star rating on Google Maps with 23 reviews.

Reviews mention that the food at the PG is good, and it offers an affordable stay as well. If you are looking for proximity to the college, then this is the PG you should check out.

Location on Google Maps:


If you are looking for a ladies PG near Acharya Institute of Technology, you have ample choice of places you can stay. While many of the properties mentioned on Google Maps have fewer reviews, you can always check out the area and see if the PG suits your budget and requirements.

As always, visit the place beforehand to check if it offers a comfortable and safe stay.

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