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If you are an outstation student looking to study at Acharya Institute of Technology, Soladevanahalli, Bangalore, you will need accommodation near the college.

For most students, the first option for stay in college hostel accommodation. But in case you cannot find a hostel, or if you have enrolled late and the hostel seats are full, you can look for a PG or rent 1 BHK house near Acharya Institute of Technology for accommodation.

There are several PGs in the area surrounding the Acharya Institute of Technology. You can easily find a place to stay on a single or sharing basis, depending on the space available in the PG.

Let’s take a look at some of the PGs available near the Acharya Institute of Technology and the facilities they provide.

This article will also include the location, address, and phone numbers of the PGs, but any interested students are advised to check the PG in person before making any payments to book their stay.

If in case you are looking for Girls PG, then you can take a look at our Girl’s PG near Acharya college post here, or if you are interested in 1 BHK house instead of PG, then visit to know more about our 1 BHK house for rent near acharya college, Bangalore.

Best PG’s near Acharya College, Bangalore

1.  JCastle PG Services

This PG is located close to Acharya Institute of Technology, and it offers spacious and luxurious accommodation. The PG has a 4.1 rating with 54 reviews. Users mention the PG as being a safe and secure place with good food.

The reviews also note that the staff is friendly and ready to provide any amenities requested by the residents.

There is the provision of all the necessary facilities like laundry, power backup, WiFi, TV, and fridge in each flat, newspaper, gym, 24*7 security, and CCTV cameras.

The rooms are available on a twin-sharing basis. The kitchen services are provided to the residents with meals from North Indian to South Indian cuisine.

Address: Thammenahalli Village, Soladevanahalli, Karnataka 560107

You can check out more details about the PG at

Location on Google Maps: 

Phone number: +917829471111, +917829472222

Email: [email protected]

2.  Livesta Living PG near Acharya College, Bangalore

This PG offers a comfortable living experience for students looking for a home away from home.

The PG comes with all the facilities that students require for a comfortable stay. From 24*7 security to fast WiFi, housekeeping, modern decor, power backup, quality food, and laundry facility to much more.

The rooms are available on a single, double, triple, and four-sharing basis.

The PG is also within walking distance from Acharya college.

This PG has a 4.6 rating with 12 reviews that mention being comfortable and close to Acharya College.

The reviews also say that the PG management is hospitable and listen to the residents’ requirements to provide the facilities they need.


Address: # 134, 7th Cross, Achitnagar Layout. Soladevanahalli, Village, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560090

Location on Google Maps:

Phone number: +918943248240

Email: [email protected]

3.  Chethana PG, Near Acharya Hostel

The Chethana PG offers comfortable living accommodation for students that are planning to study at Acharya College. This PG has a 3.7 rating with 19 reviews.

The reviews mention that the living arrangements are comfortable with spacious and well-furnished rooms. The PG location is close to the Acharya Boys Hostel, so students staying here can make their way to college with ease.

The PG provides meals to residents, and laundry service is also available. There is the provision of WiFi, CCTV cameras, and round-the-clock security at this PG.

Address: Thammenahalli Village, Soladevanahalli, Karnataka 560107

Phone: +917760221272

Location on Google Map:

4.  MLV PG Services Mess

The MLV PG Services offer a complete range of services to make the stay comfortable for their residents. The rooms in this PG are available on a single and twin-sharing basis. There are separate PGs for boys and girls.

The PGs come with all the modern facilities such as high-speed WiFi, laundry services, 24/7 power backup, hot water, around-the-clock security, and much more.

The students can also request the PG staff to provide tutors for the subjects they need help with.

This PG service has a rating of 4.3 with 16 reviews. The reviews mention the excellent quality of the food, spacious rooms, and comfortable living arrangements.

Address: No. 46, Thammenahalli Village, Soladevanahalli, Karnataka 560107

Phone: +919066470348

Location on Google Map:

5.  Guru Nanak PG

Guru Nanak PG is a boys’ hostel that is located close to the Acharya Institute of Technology. The students can walk to the institute from this PG.

The rooms are available on a sharing basis with all the facilities that add to guests’ comfort.

Paying guests can enjoy the safety of the location as there is 24 hours security with CCTV cameras.

The rooms are well furnished with beds and cupboards along with attached bathrooms. The guest can also get hot and cold water around the clock.

The PG has a 3.7 star rating with 15 reviews that mention the good quality of the food and the close distance to the Acharya Institute of Technology.

Phone: +919886272715

Address: Soladevanahalli, Karnataka 560107

Location on Google Maps:

6.  Dilasa Hostel

Dilasa PG Hostel is a five-minute walk from Acharya College, Bangalore. The PG offers accommodation for boys and girls. The rooms are available on a double and triple sharing basis with plans with and without food.

The rooms come with all the amenities for a comfortable stay for guests.

Beautifully designed rooms offer an environment that is conducive to studying. The PG prides itself on maintaining high standards of hygiene and security for its residents.

There are 24*7 security and CCTV cameras for the well-being of the residents. There is high-speed WiFi available as well, and students can request a tutor for their chosen subjects.

Dilasa PG Hostel has a 4-star rating with 89 reviews. The reviewers mention that the hostel has clean rooms and fast WiFi.

The reviewers also mentioned that the staff is friendly and caters to the guests’ requests with utmost urgency.

Address: Acharya Doctor Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rd, Soladevanahalli, Karnataka 560107

Phone: +918097384069


Location on Google Maps:


If you are looking for accommodation near Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, you have ample locations to choose from. There are PGs located near the college, and these cater to all budgets and requirements. Whether you want a PG with a single room or sharing room basis, you can find one.

Keep in mind that the information provided here is correct when writing this article, but do your research about the food, lodging, and facilities available before choosing a PG for your stay.

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